Fight Pain with Shockwave Therapy

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Storz Shockwave is a highly effective and non-invasive therapy that uses state-of-the-art engineering approved by the FDA and Health Canada. The premise of the technology is based on the delivery of low energy acoustic pressure waves to a targeted area producing a local tissue effect.

The shockwave unit implications on a cellular level are to stimulate metabolism, increase blood flow, and accelerate healing. Damaged tissue regenerates, scar tissue and calcification are disrupted and neovascularization (formation of new blood supplying vessels) promotes the removal of the broken down debris while macrophages stimulates cellular repair of degenerated tissues.

Shockwave works to promote natural healing pathways, reduce pain, and restore function with scientifically proven reduced recovery times compared to surgery.

Laurelwood Wellness Centre offer comprehensive orthotic care. You might need orthotic treatment if you suffer from the following:

Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

Clinical studies demonstrate over 80% of patient experience a complete resolution or significant decrease in pain following a treatment as few as three treatments with shock wave therapy. Relief can be immediate or may take as long as four weeks after treatment. It is very common for patients to experience decreased pain and increased active range of motion while tissues regenerate and heal within the first week.

The FDA approved technology has been clinically tested to demonstrate its effectiveness and safety for patients with results often exceeding the benefits of surgery. The benefits include no down time to the patient with the ability to return to normal activities after the first treatment.

What Are the Side Effects?

When performed by a professional healthcare provider, Shockwave has virtually no risks or side effects. In some cases, patients may experience temporary lingering pain, redness, or tingling that lasts several days. No serious side effects have been reported, and patients can return to normal activities of daily living immediately.

Are There Any Contraindications?

The safety and effectiveness of Shock Wave therapy has not been demonstrated for patients with the following conditions:

How Many Treatments Do I Need and What Does a Typical Treatment Entail?

Most conditions require three treatments one week apart. Some chronic conditions may require more than three treatments.

The treatment will include the provider assessing the target tissue and applying a gel as contact medium to maximize energy transfer. The provider will move the device in small circular patterns. Acoustic waves emitted from Shockwave will promote inflammation subsequently increasing metabolism to promote the bodys natural healing pathways. The deeply penetrating waves will disrupt scar tissue and calcification. The over stimulation locally activates fibers that help inhibit further pain producing an analgesic effect. Treatments usually last between 5-10 minutes.

What Are the Costs of Treatments?

Shockwave therapy also known as Extracorpeal Pulse Activated Treatment, a state-of-the-art technology that is FDA approved and is highly effective non-invasive treatment. Prices can range from a few hundred to over one thousand dollars per treatment. Originally Shockwave technology could cost providers hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase and maintain.

More recently, Shockwave technology has allowed for more feasible units to health care providers with subsequent reduced patient costs. The three treatment protocol can be obtained for as low as $100 per treatment. The total cost of $300 for three treatments is a highly cost effective treatment when compared to the alternatives with reduced down time for patients and faster recovery compared to more traditional forms of care.

See Physiothery or Chiropractic pages for fees for shockwave therypy.
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