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Laurelwood Wellness Centre offers comprehensive orthotic care. You might need orthotic treatment if you suffer from the following:


History and Assessment

Your office visit begins with a comprehensive health history outlining all of the major systems. Your level of physical activity, occupation and hobbies are all taken into account. Your doctor then performs a specific exam including static weight bearing and non weight bearing inspection, appropriate orthopedic tests and a dynamic gait (walking) assessment. At the conclusion of the examination special consideration will be given to activity level and activities of normal daily living to ensure the correct orthotic is prescribed for each individual needs.


The best products are always custom designed to meet each individuals needs. Other over the counter products are available. However, it is important to note they are not made for a specific individual and are geared towards generic conditions. Orthotics serves a specific purpose to each individual and is customized as with reading glasses. Following a comprehensive history and exam, each individual will have a foam impression of their feet taken. This is performed in a non-weight-bearing position, with the subtalar joint in a neutral position. The impression is then submitted to Ontario Orthotic Lab Inc., along with a clinical diagnosis and any appropriate modifications to suit the individual's unique needs. Both our centres work exclusively with Ontario Orthotic Lab, which employs both a chiropodist and pedorthist to ensure the highest quality of each orthotic device. The orthotic is usually prepared and returned to our centre within 7-10 business days. At this time, wearing instructions will be provided and any additional modifications can be made, along with any recommended stretching. Please visit Ontario Orthotic Lab to view orthotic devices and available footwear.

See Chiropractic page for fees for orthotics.

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